AIS, Inc. boasts over 12,000SF of warehouse facility stocked with thousands of mechanical and specialty insulation products for a wide variety of applications. We are a major supplier of pipe insulation and accessories, duct insulation, tank and vessel insulation, specialty high temperature and low temperature insulation products, along with board and blanket insulation, and jacketing systems. We also specialize in firestopping and corrosion control products featuring Polyguard Products RG-2400.

AIS, Inc. has built its strong customer base by providing only the finest insulation products on the market along with unsurpassed customer service. We are partners with such industry leading manufactures as Knauf Fiberglass, RPR Metals, Polyguard Products, STI Firestop, 3M, Armacell, Mon-Eco, Buckaroos, just to name a few.

If you have an insulation question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Combined, our staff has nearly a century worth of experience in the industry to help you with all of your insulation, firestop and corrosion questions.



We’re excited to announce our warehouses in Kenai and Juneau are available for call-ins and pick-ups.



Biodegradable Marine Descaler
RYDLYME Marine can be used on all types of vessels, including workboats, cruise ships, mega-yachts, freighters and even recreational boats.


Insulation the Pros Choose

Versi-Foam offers an easy to use all-in-one spray foam insulation kit to get the job done right. Work easier and save harder with Versi-Foam. Our polyurethane spray foam insulation systems are portable, disposable, and easy to use. We offer both closed cell spray and open cell spray foam kits. Our insulation product is the most versatile spray foam on the market.


Replacing the Corrosion Process

RG-2400 LT is a surface conversion compound utilizing mineralization technology, or the "Science of Minetics." This compound replaces the corrosion process with a mineral formation on and into the metal, creating a mineral barrier 50-200 angstroms deep into the metal surface. RG-2400 LT is a breakthrough for corrosion control and prevention on piping systems, tanks, and vessels under insulation. It is a non-drying compound easily brush/spray applied to pipes, fittings, valves, tanks and vessels. It's non-skinning and non-sag properties make it a permanent solution.

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